8th Birthday Cards

Birthday cards for soon to be eight year olds!

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Handmade Chihuahua Daughter 30th Birthday Card

Chihuahua Dog Birthday Card

Handmade Chihuahua Birthday CardThis card features a cheeky Chihuahua dog with a bejewelle..


Dressage Horse and Rider Birthday Card Daughter 30th

Dressage Horse and Rider Birthday Card

 This card features a watercolour image of a grey dressage horse and rider and is bea..


Handmade Horse Birthday Card For Daughter

White Horse Birthday Card

Handmade White Horse Birthday Card This card features an image of a white horse'..


Handmade Unicorn Birthday Card Niece 8th

Unicorns and Rainbows Magical Birthday Card

This very pretty and colourful birthday card will appeal to all ages.  It features two delightf..


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